About Us

Elisa Carrillo founded CAE after noticing her sister was having trouble gaining employment, even though she was qualified. Elisa realized that her sister was not alone in this struggle and that many people were being denied opportunities because of their background. Elisa decided to create a company that would help people like her sister gain employment and achieve their career goals.


Our mission at Career Advancement Exchange is to empower underrepresented individuals in the career space by celebrating diversity and providing innovative solutions for professional growth.


To create an inclusive community where individuals thrive and access opportunities that recognize and value their unique talents and backgrounds. We are committed to fostering empowerment, self-expression, and meaningful connections, while actively advancing career growth for all.

Our Progress

We Have
7 website deployments
2 different states
With Over
8000 website views

Our Team

Elisa Carrillo

Founder and CEO

Jacob Shalabi


Laiba Khan


Maryam Khatoon

Head of Marketing

Anay Sharma

Head of Business

Ritul Soni

Head of R & D

Alexis Serrano

Head of CAPE

Kaz Shah

Head of URW

Sid Wanjara


Yasmine Munoz

Software Developer

Aayush Bhat

Software Developer

Ardyn Chin

UIUX Intern

Noah Taliercio

Software Development Intern

Edith Luna

Marketing Intern

Nora Duffy

Marketing Intern


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